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Master craftsman Bakers and every mouthful scrumptious. Been a favourite for many a long year always baked fresh. Love it and extremely helpful with orders or specials

Caroline Starling - Google Reviews

When I first started work at 16, I used to be sent down by my employer to get everyone's food mid-morning, their rolls/bred is wonderful, a wide range of different types & pies/pasties, why is it when things taste so nice they are always fattening I still buy them. when we are working locally that is the shop we all head for.

triprip1 - TripAdvisor

A Halstead institution and rightly so. Great bread, rolls and pastries, others try but don’t accept imitations, we have tried them. Queuing out the door says it all along with loyal and friendly staff. Halstead needs shops like these,shame they are few and far between these days. Thank you Humes...

Pricey2512 - TripAdvisor

Simply fantastic bread, great cakes and all made on site with traditional methods. I frequently go out of my way to get loaves of bread from Humes because they are the best I have ever had

Ian86Essex - TripAdvisor

All I can say is the bread is excellent, the pies are excellent and the cakes are excellent. And of course the service is also excellent.

This shop is probably one of the best bakers in Essex if not the best.

Hence a very worthy 5🌟 rating.

Very highly recommend. 😀

Peter Bell - Google Reviews

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