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Nearly 60 years ago, on 1st April, Dennis, along with his Mum and Dad (who owned a very small bakery in a village, Bures, on the Essex-Suffolk border) purchased our current Halstead shop. This was done in a most unusual way. The property was bought with a loan from a flour milling company, Cranfield Bros. in Ipswich. There was absolutely NO PAPERWORK  involved whatsoever, just a handshake from all involved.

The loan (£5,000 which is equivalent to £32,000 now!) was paid off completely by simply NOT taking the £5 deposit charged on the empty Hessian sacks the flour had been delivered in. Could and would this happen in this day and age?!

Ann joined the 'Humes' two years later when she and Dennis were married. They had worked together previously for a Baker in Frinton-on-Sea. Then Dennis moved to Bradford to finish his apprenticeship, at an extremely high class bakery, called Silvio's, an Italian/Swiss company, the boss being a relative of Kenneth Race, the baker in Frinton.

In those days, the flour millers didn't like to see small shops closing, so a year later, Ann and Dennis went onto run a small shop in Haverhill, Suffolk, from our Halstead shop. There was a bakery on site, but it was in a very bad state so that door was shut for good. The distance proved to be a little too far to make this venture viable, so in due course, we decided to close the shop. We also had a second shop in Halstead for about 20 odd years, down in Bridge Street. This closed in 1998 as we wanted to concentrate on our High Street shop completly. 

Due to the continued success of Hume's Bakery, and popularity amongst his peers, in 1990, Dennis was chosen to be the National President of the National Assocation of Master Bakers, and served one year in this term, and even went to Athens to represent them, which you can see on the left hand side.



Hume's Bakery have won numerous awards during our nearly 60 year history, including numerous awards for our window displays. The highlight of our award wins is arguably winning the prestige award of 'Essex's Best Bakers' in 2010, which we are extremely proud of.

Other awards include being a finalist for Retailer of the Year, voted by the people of Halstead, and Creative Window Display. 

We are also very proud of the certifcate we recieved in 2010 by the then mayor, David Hume, to celebrate our 50th anniverasy 

Our latest award came in 2018 as we were awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor. This award was given to us due to our consistently great reviews from our customers. The display is currently displayed in our shop. 

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  • Ann, Dennis, Judith with our award winning display
    Ann, Dennis, Judith with our award winning display